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Jana Cisar is an independent film producer. Born in Marianske Lazne (Marienbad) in Czechoslovakia in 1963, she has been living in Germany since 1969. Having studied Graphic Design, she started working in the theatre as production manager, eventually collaborating with people such as Robert Wilson, David Byrne, Arie Singer and Anatoli Vassilev.
In 1990/1991 she founded the Salzburger FilmSzene film festival and worked for dctp (a platform founded by Alexander Kluge in 1987 for independent suppliers to private television) on programmes about Richard Leacock, David Byrne, the Quay Brothers and Les Blank.
In 1992 Jana Cisar moved to Prague to work for the international Filmfestival Karlovy Vary. That year she also co-founded the film foundation Czech Film Promotion.
She has lived and worked in Berlin since 1995. She is a graduate of the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs producers’ network and has produced numerous works such as the feature-length 2004 documentary »Gilaven! Sing!« about the spirited musician Ida Kelarova, who is an impassioned supporter of the Roma people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Over and above this, Jana Cisar has sat on the juries of several film festivals including Finale Plzen (Czech Republic), the Trieste Film Festival (Italy) and the Filmfestival Cottbus.
In 2006 she finally founded Jana Cisar Filmproduktion, an international, independent film production company for high quality documentary films. Her most recent films are »The City Named Desire« and »The House on August Strasse«, a film about a courageous woman and the »Beith Ahawah«, a Berlin children’s home for Jewish children in need. Beate Berger founded the »House of Love« for Jewish children in need and, in a unique action, moved it to Israel in the early thirties. »House of Love« was directed by Ayelet Bargur.

Jana Cisar
Jana Cisar