Sehnsucht Berlin - Der Film
the film
Andrew Horn studied Dance and Film making at the New York University School of The Arts.
Horn moved to Berlin in 1989 on receiving the DAAD grant, and he now works there as an journalist and film maker. Horn originally became known with his experimental dance films and has also made feature films such as »Doomed Love« (1983) and »The Big Blue« (1988). He is also known for the film »East Side Story«, which recounts the history of East European musicals. His most recent film was 2004’s »The Nomi Song« about the singer Klaus Nomi, famous for his rare voice (counter tenor) and his extravagant outfits. Nomi was an iconic figure in the New York underground who enjoyed cult popularity in the New-Wave scene of the late seventies.

Born September 16, 1952 in New York (USA)
Place of residence Berlin
Profession Film maker
DAAD grant 1989