Sehnsucht Berlin - Der Film
the film
Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven’s work extends to music, painting, drawing, computer and video art.
Van Kerckhoven completed Graphic Design studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp and later lectured at the Royal Art Academy in Gent and the Rikjsakademie Amsterdam.
Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven’s work can be understood with reference to the artistic duality of her activities: She is a musician (she founded the noise band Club Moral in 1981) and also a visual artist whose collages and drawings can be seen within the surrealistic tradition. Her work stands for an early, now long-standing, multimediality of contemporary art. From the very beginning, the scientific theory that she met with in Brussels’ Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence during 1980 has been the background to her artistic endeavours. Unlike many artists of today’s generation, Kerckhoven does not work with external means of visualisation borrowed from film or photography, but instead applies a synthetic form-finding that always takes the subjective medium of drawing, with its contours, compositions and colour-determined means of representation as its point of departure.

Her work is marked by the delicate awareness of mental conditions. Her works refer to the outer limits of the individual, to moments of compensation and overcoming, to the balancing-act of human existence.

Born December 5, 1951 in Belgium
Place of residence Antwerp
Profession Visual artist, musician
DAAD grant 2006